Well folks, once again we find ourselves at the end. The curtain has come down on another incredible Total Rock, Total Rewards.

For the second year in a row an astounding group of the best Rock Band players from around the country converged on Atlantic City, NJ and brought with them unparalleled amounts of rock awesomeness. The stakes may have been higher this year, but so was the level of talent on display.  Originally, I had challenged this year’s bands to break out all the stops, to really take this thing to the next level, to exceed the performances of last year, show us something new, and to give us a performance we’d never forget. And did they ever deliver. The costumes and make-up were crazier, the playing was stellar, and the stage antics were just jaw-dropping.

If you’ve seen the pictures and videos, you’ve had a taste. If you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for.  If you were there, well, that’s a different story. If you were part of this show, performing, observing, cheering, judging or even just passing by, you were a part of something truly special. This year’s bands brought the rock like never before, with performances that will live on as the pinnacles of talent and showmanship for a long time to come… or at least until next year.

So to all of you who made the 2010 Harrah’s Total Rock, Total Rewards Rock Band competition so amazing, thank you. Thank you to Harrah’s for providing such amazing hospitality, an incredible venue, and the opportunity for everyone to live this dream. Thank you to ION Audio and Mad Catz for providing the gear to jam on and the amazing prize packages (the Gifting Lounge was a thing of beauty). Thank you to Polk Audio for the sweet, sweet, sounds and even sweeter prizes. Thank you to Harmonix for giving us the vehicle to unleash all this talent. Thank you to MTV Games for putting it all in place.

Most of all, thanks to the players for giving us such outstanding performances and such incredible memories.

We’ll be seeing you guys again soon. Count on it.